In partnership with Amorim Composites, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial cork materials, WCL can now offer an extensive portfolio of cork-based products to complement its existing range of gaskets, seals and rubber mouldings.

WCL Anti-vibration Cork

Whitby & Chandler Ltd offers a wide range of anti-vibration products suitable for an even wider range of applications.  Anti-vibration CorkRubber materials are available in sheets, pads or strips.  Several grades are available, as is technical support to help you with your selection.

WCL VibraCare CorkRubber

  • Iso-Transfo
  • CDM 63
  • WCL SP52
  • WCL 1047 and 1521
  • AV U-Bolts
  • Clip Strip
  • VC 3600
  • VC 2100
  • VC 6400
  • VC 5200 
  • VC 6500
  • VC 1001

CorkRubber Sheeting

The quality of industrial CorkRubber is superior to both cork or rubber compositions used separately.  The recovery properties of cork allow CorkRubber to almost fully return to its original shape even after hours of compression and friction, maintaining its initial insulating and sealing properties (both during and after the process).

Properly engineered, CorkRubber can resist strong compressive loads with minimal extrusion or lateral flow in a whole host of aggressive environments.  During dynamic operating conditions, CorkRubber maintains its sealing properties, as it does during thermal expansion / contraction and torsion flexing, even over long-term durability cycles.

The advantages and benefits of CorkRubber include:

  • Wide range of fluid compatibility
  • Compressible with negligable lateral flow
  • Reduced levels of transmitted vibration (acoustic insulation)
  • Excellent conformity with surfaces to be sealed
  • High resistance to compressive loads over long periods
  • Anti-slip and impact-resistance to abrasion
  • Excellent environmental sealing (ozone-resistance)

WCL Moulded Cork Collars

Full product information to follow soon...



WCL TreadCare Diamond is durable, lightweight flooring, designed to provide you with a surface that is both attractive and practical. Offering excellent anti-slip properties, as well as impact resistance against damage from dropped tools etc this material is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. WCL also produces step pads manufactured from WCL Treadcare Diamond, with or without self-adhesive backing.