Taken from the terms and definitions of BS4060:2006 - Felt is fabric characterised by the entangled condition of most or all of the fibres of which it is composed.

Woollen, blended and synthetic felts are recognised as versatile engineering materials and can be made from many types of fibres. Technical pressed felts are produced from wool whilst technical needle felts are made from synthetic fibres. 

Spunlace, Drylaid, Meltblown and Airlaid fibres are extremely light-weighted materials and are used in the automotive industry for their anti-rattle and squeak-reducing properties.

In addition to these we can offer materials by Dupont, such as Kevlar and Nomex for applications involving high temperature and/or chemical resistance.

We also offer our range of re-cycled materials involving the reprocessing of old clothes, blankets, etc. and needling back into non-woven materials such as carpet underlay and phenolic felt.

Parts currently in demand include:

  • Wipers specifically designed for precious and semi-precious metals, stainless steel, galvanised steel and tin plate.
  • Wicking for the transmission of fluids, inks and oils, etc.
  • Filter pads for large and small compressors.
  • Gaskets cut to customer drawings.
  • Various sizes of grease and oil seals.
  • Various types of felt bobs used in the polishing trade for all types of metal and glass.

Rolls of felt

Rolls of Felt All standard types and densities of woollen and synthetic felt are available in whole or part roll, along with our range of special application felts.

Felt Bobs & Bob Kits 

Felt Bobs and Bob Kits Our selection of Polishing Kits have Felt Bobs with and without mounted spindles. Each kit is made up of a range of shapes that include cones, points and bull-nosed parts, along with a ‘pig’s tail’ for unmounted interchangeable felt heads. The kits we offer are suited to polishing both large and small areas.

Felt Strips 

Felt Strips All types, densities and colours of felt can be supplied in strips to your own precise requirements. Uses vary from anti-vibration pads to wiping steel strip, simulating mortar in brick presentation panels and lubrication pads for turning parts in light and heavy machinery, etc. We are happy to advise on material suitability.

Decorative & Display Felts

Decorative and Display Felts A range of coloured felts is available from stock for use in the manufacture of notice boards, display panels, partitions, trophy and figurine bases, etc.

Processed Parts

Processed Parts As a service to our customers we can organise the manufacture of specific parts. All can be supplied with self-adhesive backing if required including a range of felt kiss-cut parts to specific shapes and strips for ease of application in high speed production. Self-adhesive backing can be applied to felt, foam, fibreboard, etc.