New_EMS_UKAS_REG_MARK.jpgWCL has, for some time, realised the value of achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance. This commitment has been formally recognised with the registration to BS EN ISO 14001, The Environmental Management Standard. This registration has been achieved against a backdrop of increasingly stringent legislation, the development of economic policies and other measures to foster environmental protection.

All of this has been combined with a general growth in concern from stakeholders about environmental matters, including energy usage, sustainable development and our Carbon Footprint. WCL had to consider all of these when developing its Environmental Management Policy and addressing the requirements of the Standard. A key theme of the Standard is that of continuous improvement, and WCL constantly reviews its operations to see how the impact on the in-house, local and global environment can be reduced.

Recent projects have included:

  • Conversion of customers away from potentially hazardous materials to more environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Using energy more efficiently around the site
  • Improving the in-house working environment
  • Increasing the Environmental awareness of the workforce

Throughout 90 years of manufacturing, WCL has enjoyed a reputation for attention to quality and detail. By gaining registration to BS EN ISO 14001, WCL has once again led the sealing industry through its commitment to confronting the issues that concern us all.

WCL has a lasting commitment to sustainable development. We subscribe to the objectives of the REACh legislation, as it aims to maximise transparency of information and to minimise the use of harmful substances. For more information please click here (pdf).

The Global CompactSince 2006, Whitby and Chandler has participated in the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative that promotes the voluntary commitment of entities to matters relating to social responsibility with the aim of supporting, promoting and respecting fundamental values in the areas of Human Rights, Labour Rights, the Protection of the Environment and the fight against corruption.