Since being established in 1923, Whitby & Chandler Ltd. has always been a major contributor to the supply of Gaskets and sheet materials to many industries.

As sealing technology developed, so did the company's portfolio of products and its production capabilities. During the 1960's, WCL began to manufacture Compression Rubber Mouldings to complement the Gasket facilities in Penistone - a project that, several years later, resulted in a purpose-built extension being devoted solely to the production of moulded rubber components, which now include injection type.

Throughout the same period, the gasket cutting side of the business was not neglected, as new machinery helped to achieve more cost-effective production capabilities. When new materials were developed, such as a wide range of products to replace the more versatile asbestos, WCL led the way with their introduction to all of its customers.

history.jpgIndeed, WCL was amongst the first in its field to become registered to BS5750, followed by ISO 9002 and now ISO 9001:2015 along with ISO 14001:2004, and maintains a policy of continuous improvement.

The list of industries in which WCL is involved is almost endless, and includes Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Pumps and Valves, to name but a few. The largest sector currently being our heavy involvement in supplying items to both Transformer and Switchgear industries.

Whatever the customer's needs or requirements, WCL is always willing to listen, and has a Sales Force which covers the whole of the U.K., and beyond, ready to give advice and assistance.

Machine Tool Exhibition - Olympia 1935
Machine Tool Exhibition - Olympia 1935