Braided compression packings have been around for hundreds of years but they are still widely used in modern times to seal connecting passages of a shaft through the bodies of pumps, valves, compressors, agitators, fans and similar equipment.

Witchan 1923.jpgWe have recently introduced our own-brand Witchan 1923 Packings in Graphite and PTFE.

Witchan 1923 Graphite Packing

Data sheets are available upon request but a basic description of the graphite version is that its inherent plasticity allows Witchan 1923 Graphite Packing to conform to any surface.

It does not deteriorate or lose weight when exposed to high temperature, making re-tightening unnecessary and its chemical compatability is with all fluids in 0-14 pH range, with the exception of strong oxidising media such as nitric acid and oleum. With a service range of -200oC to +650oC (+400oC when sealing oxidizing media) it is the ideal solution for ready maintenance and repair.

Witchan 1923 PTFE Packing

Witchan 1923 PTFE Packing is obtained from pure PTFE dry yarn with an emulsion of PTFE dispersion. The multiple plaits with reinforced corners allow optimum sealing with low pressure in the stuffing box. It is suitable for high pressure valves and piston pumps, mainly used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, and complies with FDA alimentary requirements.Service temperature range is -200oC to +280oC and pH range is 0-14.

To complement and support our own-brand range we are still able to offer other packings from Flexitallic, Beldam, Klinger, Teadit and James Walker, amongst others.

Please contact our Sales Office for more information and with any enquiries.