Materials to cover the full pH range 0-14, with Soft PTFE available for low pressure sealing. Sheets, gaskets, tapes and machined parts.

WCL is able to offer several varieties of PTFE (poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene) based gasket material, developed mainly for applications in the chemical, petro-chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

PTFE properties

PTFE has properties which make it an excellent material for gasket applications including:

  • Temperature range cryogenic - 260°C
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals (pH range 0-14)
  • Physiological safety - relevant for alimentary use
  • No contamination of confined media
  • Anti-stick surface
  • Low abrasion coefficient
  • FDA compliant
  • Easy to cut

The main drawback of PTFE is its relatively poor mechanical strength, due to the absence of bonds or electrostatic forces between the molecular chains. This causes gaskets that are made from pure PTFE to be easily affected by plastic deformation, even at room temperatures (cold flow).

To overcome this problem, glass fibres, silica grains or Barium Sulphate can be added to PTFE to increase stability under compression.

Modified PTFE

Some materials are obtained from a variety of PTFE known as "modified PTFE", whose characteristics are a modification of the polymeric structure. Many, such as WCL White Seal, have WRAS approval for use with potable water. Please ask for details or samples.

Other PTFE based products

Thread Seal
PTFE Thread Seal Tapes
Suitable for:
fluids and gas
-240°C to +260°C
Soft Seal
WCL Soft Sealant
based on Soft Seal tecnology
Ideal for breakdown maintenance when a cut gasket is not available or would be very expensive
PTFE packings
PTFE Yarn and various fibres treated with a PTFE dispersion